We at Hummingbird provide an English style tearoom to enjoy with friends & family

The idea of Hummingbird Tea Room & Bakery was born in our sitting room while enjoying afternoon tea with family and friends. The thought of having my own little tearoom flourished, complete with china tea cups, English tea cakes, and biscuits.

Growing up in both Zambia and England, one of our most cherished traditions was to visit friends on a Sunday afternoon. No prior invitation was needed; one just dropped in. At each home, you were served a cup-a-tea with homemade cakes & biscuits – you did not serve store bought. Since Zambia was a British protectorate, there was a strong British influence, especially on our baking.

So, with Hummingbird Tea Room, we want to bring our homemade biscuits and cakes, using fine quality ingredients, and provide an atmosphere of sharing tea with good food, catching up with each other in our all too busy lives.

Our family has always been environmentally conscious. Only non-toxic paint was used in the tea room and all our appliances are energy-efficient. We have always supported small-scale businesses and use local ingredients whenever we can. We love to visit a farmers’ market, especially when travelling, as farmers’ markets tell a lot about the local community. With Hummingbird Tea Room, we want to stay true to who we are.

We have also made a conscious decision to buy US made products as much as we can. Our hard wood floors and tiles are completely made in the US and our tables are made from reclaimed wood from Oregon. Most of our appliances are manufactured in the US.
Our mission is to use locally grown produce from community supported farms. We use only cage free eggs in our baking. At Hummingbird Tea Room, we will strive to make lovely English-baked goods from scratch!

We have a wide selection of teas within each category of tea, including black, green, white, oolong, and tisanes (herbal teas). All teas come from a single plant, the Camellia sinensis (we have one in the tea room). The variation in tea comes from the region of the world in which it is grown, the elevation, the soil type and how the leaves are picked and processed. Tea drinking is relaxing and has many other health benefits.



Hand selected teas from around the world. Be consumed by the aromas from rich and malty teas to our smooth and savory teas.



At Hummingbird, we use the very best quality ingredients. We buy locally where we can, we use free range eggs, and we support small scale farmers and craft producers.

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