About Us

About Us

The concept of opening an English-style tea room was something that was born while having afternoon tea in a sitting room with friends and family. The tea room and online presence have exponentially grown and flourished. I want to focus more on building up the online storefront to make proper tea time accessible to everyone in the comfort of their home.

Hummingbird Tea Room is notoriously known for its made-from-scratch genuine English scones. Our flagship product ‘London Tube’ features our scones, English clotted cream, jams, marmalades, and fine tea.

Nasim Bell Founder & Owner

Our Core Values

We are a woman-owned, women-staffed tea shop with high standards. The Hummingbird Tea Room & Bakery is built upon honesty, transparency, and integrity. Every product is lovingly and carefully sourced to provide you with the best in quality. 

We Support The Local Community

We Are Environmentally and Planet Friendly

Organizations We Support

Visit our “Give Back” for more information.

We Set Higher Standards

Environmentally Responsible

We are a green business ensuring every element from packaging to ingredients is planet-friendly, wholesome, organic, and natural.

Local First

When it comes to purchasing ingredients, supplies, or other items for the tea room, we buy locally. We care about supporting local businesses and farms. Our eggs are local and cage-free. Local, organic produce is purchased from the farmer’s market or farms.

Supporting Women & Fair Trade

As well as being women-owned and women-run, we make sure all of our teas are sourced in a fair-trade manner.

fair trade tea

As the Tea Lady says…
“It’s Never Not Tea Time”

Hand selected teas from around the world. Be consumed by the aromas from rich and malty teas to our smooth and savory teas. We have a wide selection of teas within each category of tea, including black, green, white, oolong, and tisanes (herbal teas). All teas come from a single plant, the Camellia sinensis – and we proudly display one of these plants in our tearoom! The variation in tea comes from the region of the world in which it is grown, the elevation, the soil type, and how the leaves are picked and processed. Tea drinking is relaxing and has many other health benefits.

“Hummingbird Highlights”

A Wish Granted

December 7th, Hummingbird Tearoom had the privilege of serving a “make a wish” high tea for a remarkable woman in Mercer Botanic Gardens in Houston. She is a full-time caretaker of an ill child, and she has always wanted to experience a proper English tea. We were selected by a high-profile film producer who brought his crew of 35 to shoot the event. Every detail from the table setting to the selection of teas, pastries, and more was carefully curated and set up by Hummingbird Tearoom. The entire event was such a heartwarming thing to witness, especially seeing the joy on the woman’s face as she enjoyed her English tea in the park under the sunny skies of Houston, Texas.

Aristocracy Visited The Tearoom

We had a Baron visit the tearoom to enjoy afternoon tea. He shared some fabulous stories of his attendance at royal events such as weddings and funerals. He even had tea with the Queen! The Baron loved our scones, teas, and the quiche. Our short time spent with him as a guest in our tearoom was memorable and inspiring. 


We want to extend a big thank you to Moderna for their past patronage in ordering scone gift boxes. Their tireless work on the COVID vaccine is priceless, saving millions of lives. 

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