Myanmar Naked Green Tea

Myanmar Naked Green Tea: A Pure Green Tea worth Relishing

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One of the most spellbinding countries in Asia, Myanmar is famous for greatest archaeological sites, gravity-defying holy rocks, the world’s largest reclining Buddha, hot air balloon rides, and what not. However, it is also widely recognized for being the ancient origin area of tea. Organic teas from the Shan Valley in Myanmar are popular all across the globe. Myanmar Naked Green is the preference of many tea lovers, who, no matter what, don’t like compromising on the taste of their tea. Be it for taste or good health, hundreds and thousands of people have made Myanmar Naked Green tea, an essential part of their daily routine.

Those who are seeking single origin organic tea, look no further than Myanmar Naked Green Tea, brought to you directly from third generation tea grower. We, at Hummingbird Tearoom & Bakery, bring Myanmar Naked Green Tea, from the Pyin Long in the Northern Shan Valley. Widely sought after for its smooth and refreshing taste, the offered organic Myanmar Naked Green Tea is grown in 1170 meters in elevation in valleys, surrounded by mountains. This soil, Terra Rossa, in which organic green tea is grown, gives the tea a unique and subtle taste. An excellent everyday tea one can truly enjoy, Myanmar Naked Green Tea offered by Hummingbird Tearoom & Bakery is a must-have for every green tea lover.

We, at Hummingbird Tearoom & Bakery, since our inception, have been the preferred choice of one and all for buying Myanmar green tea. You too, can depend on us to make a worthy choice!

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