Mocha Pu-erh



Mocha Pu-erh tea is produced in China’s Yunnan province. The large leaves come from old Chinese tea trees, where the tea is picked selectively, so the trees will not be over-harvested. The depth of this tea comes from the care of the soil and the age of the tree. Deeply rich, full-bodied and aromatic, this tea has a dark amber tone, a malty finish, and is reminiscent of a dark beer.


Pu’er Tea is one of China’s best secrets until recently. Note that it is not merely a “weight loss” tea, just like water is not merely a hydration tool. Pu’er Tea comes from Camellia Sinensis Tea Trees and is often picked from trees that have been growing for hundreds of years. This allows the leaves to be full of nutrients and have a depth of flavor and benefits that other teas (picked from young bushes) cannot compare to.


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