Morenga Green



Start your day with a cup of Morenga Tea. Start a pot in the morning and re-brew multiple times

The highly nutritious leaves of Morenga are added to organic green tea producing a very healthy drink. Only recently has the benefits of Morenga been realized. It’s nutritional value is many:

Rich in protein

More calcium than milk or yoghurt

Numerous anti-inflammatory compounds

Rich in bio-available vitamins and minerals

Boosts energy in a natural manner

Soothing ability, lowering blood pressure and promotes good sleep

Morenga trees are being grown in impoverished countries around the world like Rwanda to improve the nutritional intake of the local population and livestock.

I grew up eating the fruit (drumstick) of the Morenga tree and only recently made aware of the nutritional value of the leaves. Fresh leaves are readily found in Asian Markets and can be used extensively in cooking

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