Breakfast Brunch

Breakfast Brunch

Breakfast Brunch

Clinks of china and silver, laughter, good conversation, beautiful aromas from the bakery, and freshly poured hot tea fill the air. It’s time for brunch!

The morning tearoom vibe is uplifting and positively charged. Imagine carrying this feeling with you throughout your day. You won’t get that from a fast-food drive-thru!

Price: $45 Per Guest

*Note: price is subject to change 

(20% Gratuity Is Appreciated)

Served: 8:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m.

Reservations required (parties of 4 or more:) (281) 419-8362

Breakfast Brunch Menu

Bagel and Lox

A freshly toasted bagel smeared with dill cream cheese and fresh slices of smoked salmon - topped with capers.

Fruit Cup

An array of fresh, organic seasonal fruits.

Mini Quiche

An exquisite personal-size quiche with organic baby spinach.

Chicken Salad Pie

A flaky crust filled with all-natural chicken.

English-Style Scones

Scones are made fresh right here in our bakery - served with English clotted cream, jams, and marmalades. Flavors are seasonal and may include: blueberry, pumpkin, cranberry-orange, raisin, original, and vegan.)

English-Style Scones

Pot Of Hot Tea

A pot of hot tea steeped with loose-leaf teas from around the world. The selection of tea is perfectly paired with your breakfast foods.

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