Celebrate Valentine’s Day In A Whole New Way!

Paint With Teas

Are you looking for some creative ideas on how you can share Valentine’s with someone you love, but social distancing restricts you from doing much?

We have technology at our fingertips, and learning how to leverage that innovation to our benefit is something many of us are struggling with. It’s time to think WAY outside of the box and get creative. Need a little help? No problem! We’ve got the perfect thing for connecting you and your loved ones on Valentine’s Day.

Celebrate Valentine’s with a Hummingbird Tea Room’s Signature “Cream Tea” Gift Box

Celebrate Valentine’s Virtually

Going out to dinner, enjoying a romantic boat cruise, and even delivering the traditional box of chocolates and roses are temporarily on hold. We now have to connect with the special people in our life through FaceTime, Zoom, and other video chat platforms. It’s those platforms that we need to harness to plan a very special event. “What kind of event” most of you are probably asking? Well…keep reading!

“Tea For Two (or three or four) Is What I Gift To You!”

We’re going to plan a virtual Valentine’s Tea! Yes, it will work. It just takes a little bit of planning.

This is perfect for:

  • Tea-Loving Couples who are separated because of social distancing.
  • Elderly Parents who you haven’t been able to be with because of COVID.
  • Mothers and Grown Daughters who need a little reconnect.
  • Natives of the United Kingdom away from their mother country who haven’t seen their family in a long time.
  • Friends who have missed hanging out together.

How To Plan Your “Virtual Valentine’s Day Tea”

Select The Recipient

Choose who you will share this intimate tea time with and decide on a date and time to have your virtual tea.

Save The Date

Send them a “Save the Date” card (we have made one for you below).

  • You can cut/paste the card into an email, screenshot it with your cell phone, or just go the old snail-mail route.
  • Note that Hummingbird Tea Room sends the gift box via 2-day Priority (USPS) or flat rate.
  • Mark the date/time on your calendar.


Wait for their RSVP.

  • Upon their RSVP
      • Let them know a package is on its way to them and that they shouldn’t open it, but place it in the refrigerator immediately. It would be ideal if they were to call you to let you know when it has arrived. Reconfirm, they need to have access to video chat on the reserved date/time.

Ordering Your Signature “Cream Tea” Gift Boxes

Order your “Cream Tea” gift boxes (one for your loved one, one for yourself.)

We recommend using the 2-day Priority to preserve the scones because they are perishable and must be refrigerated or frozen until used.

You have the option of selecting a Luxury Cream Tea gift box or our Signature Cream Tea gift box.

To order your gift boxes, visit Hummingbird Tea Room & Bakery


When “Tea Time” day arrives:

  • Prepare an area on a table where you can enjoy your tea while you video chat (Facetime, Zoom, etc.) with your loved one.
  • Just prior to the tea time, heat your water for tea and warm up your scones (instructions will be included in the gift basket.)

It’s Tea Time!

Make the video chat call to your loved one!

  • Remember, this time is all about them and being attentive and engaged with the conversation. If you are having tea with an elderly loved one, taking a trip down memory lane is one of the most rewarding forms of conversation for them.

An Unforgettable Time Together

A virtual tea time like this is not limited to Valentine’s Day. It can be anytime and with anyone. Regardless of the occasion, you are giving someone the gift of your time where things slow down long enough to reconnect with people.

There are many important people in our lives that need the company of someone who will simply take a few minutes to shut the world out while easing the loneliness that comes from being apart from one another.

Happy Valentine’s!

To order your Signature “Cream Tea” gift box, visit Hummingbird Tea Room’s online shop today. We also have a variety of other items that may catch your fancy!

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