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Matcha tea boosts energy, decreases stress, and delays premature aging. Among the many advantages attributed to matcha tea, these are the top three. We’ve listed the top 8 reasons why you should incorporate a few cups of this infusion into your daily diet in this article.

Set side by side with other green teas, matcha tea consumption has increased significantly during the past several years. Compared to the already exceptional characteristics of other teas, its nutritional advantages appear to be much better. However, is matcha tea really superior? In that case, why?

It appears that science favors this fashionable tea as a nutrient-dense food. According to a study that was published in the Journal of Chromatography, matcha has 137 times as much epigallocatechin-3-gallate as regular green tea, which increases its antioxidant potency by that amount.

Its health advantages come from more than only its epigallocatechin content because it also contains fiber and other beneficial compounds including L-theanine.

Improves Immune Function

This feature is brought about by EGCG (epigallocatechin-3-gallate), one of the antioxidant components of this beverage.

A study from Oregon State University’s Linus Pauling Institute found that EGCG can encourage the development of T cells, which are crucial for boosting immunity.

Aids in Liquid Elimination

This beverage is ideal for a weight-loss plan since one of its most remarkable qualities is its ability to minimize liquid intake by stimulating renal function.

You will quickly notice the diuretic effects of matcha tea if you swap out your mid-morning coffee for a cup of it.

It’s a Natural Fat Burner

The number of polyphenols (EGCG) contributes to the metabolism’s acceleration, which is a crucial step in the process of burning fat.

Add a teaspoon of honey or stevia to the tea to make it sweeter. By doing this, you can benefit from the qualities of tea while avoiding the negative consequences of processed sugar.

Decreases Cholesterol

Matcha tea cleans the arteries and gets rid of atheroma plaques (fatty deposits) due to its high EGCG concentration and potent antioxidant effects.

Daily consumption of two cups of green tea lowers total cholesterol levels and decreases the risk of cardiovascular disease-related death by up to 22–33%.

Makes You More Vital

You’ll have enough energy after drinking a cup of matcha tea for breakfast to get through the rest of the day. This is because it contains L-theanine.
This beverage is a great choice for athletes since it contains the amino acid L-theanine, which promotes physical endurance.

Ease of Stress

By boosting alpha waves, its L-theanine content encourages mental relaxation and lessens tension. Additionally, it increases the duration of concentration and alertness that caffeine produces while reducing its drowsy effects.

Maintains Skin Health

Matcha tea protects the skin from infection and inflammation, giving it a smoother, more radiant appearance. Moreover, it lessens the negative effects that exposure to UV rays has on the skin and is excellent for battling dark circles around the eyes.

Fighting Constipation

It has a significant amount of dietary fiber, which enhances intestinal transit and aids in blood sugar stabilization.

Matcha tea contains a lot of tannins, which have a slight laxative effect.

Does Matcha Tea Have Any Contraindications?

When sipping a cup of matcha tea, various contraindications need to be taken into account. However, they are all connected by the amount of caffeine in them. Although the amount of this chemical in tea is smaller than that in coffee (30 mg per cup as opposed to 70 mg in coffee), drinking tea is nevertheless not advised under the following circumstances:

If you have a stomach ulcer, kidney illness, or any other heart pathology.

If you are taking medication to manage your blood pressure because coffee can alter how the medicine works.

Caffeine also inhibits the absorption of iron from the diet. If you have hemochromatosis, a condition in which there is too much iron in the body, talk to your doctor before consuming matcha.

No content on this site, regardless of date, should ever be used as a substitute for direct medical advice from your doctor or other qualified clinicians.

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