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Organic Royal Assam

Paint With Teas

Growing up in Zambia, we always had tea. Tea at breakfast dunking bread with butter and jam. The tea was masala chai made in a pot over a stove with loose leaf always black tea. My mum would add fresh ginger or freshly picked mint from the garden, always a sweet tea.

Returning home from school we would “bag” the ends of bread while running inside the house, there were six kids, so getting the best piece of hot bread from the local bakery was key. Again, hot tea and bread slathered with butter and jam.

Since opening the tearoom five plus years ago our tea collection has increased to more than 100 from a variety Blacks, Oolongs, Greens, Whites, Pu-erh, and Herbal tisanes. There is so much more out there, and you can create your own blends with fresh or dried fruits, herbs, experiment to find one you enjoy. The key is not to overpower with any one addition.

One of my favorite teas is Organic Assam, the last batch I received from a tea source I had used for many years did not taste like Assam, no taste, really weak tea. This sent me on a quest to seek out small tea farms and I came across a wonderful small organic tea farm in the remote Assam region practicing traditional farming methods. I ordered Royal Assam (along with other teas) and let me tell you – this is up there with the royal teas!

This tea is not only a joy to drink, but an experience for the eyes as well with full unbroken leaves and buds, so much different from broken pieces usually found among Assam teas. Dry leaves offer strong fruity aroma that develops into full-bodied and well-rounded robust malty brew. It will leave a bit of tangy feeling at the tip of your tongue that will soon change into a sweet aftertaste. Most black teas cannot be re-brewed as the second pot is usually weak and not robust. Black tea should have a full bodied robust taste. This Royal Assam tea can be re-brewed without losing its strength. Organically grown, handcrafted by small farmers, and exclusively brought to you for pure enjoyment. I start my day at the tearoom with Royal Assam.

Until next time.  It’s never note tea time from the tea lady.


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