3-Tea Regal Blue Organic White Tea Gift Set


3-Tea Regal Blue Organic White Tea Gift Set for true tea enthusiasts with a sharp taste.

A classy indigo-blue box, full of health and abundance.

A luxurious gift for sophisticated tea lovers and longevity seekers.

What You Get:

  • 2 personal-size tea canisters with your choice of two of our finest curated, hand-packed organic white teas (servings: 10)
  • 1 small blue box filled with our finest curated, hand-packed organic loose-leaf white tea (servings: 40-50)
  • 1 small blue box filled with your choice of vegan, gluten-free brownies OR tea-infused shortbread

Paint With Teas

The 3-Tea Regal Blue Organic White Tea Gift Set by Hummingbird Tearoom is a drop of health packed in a stylish indigo blue box.

Embrace the magic of a Millennium-old tea ritual and escape from your stressful daily tasks.

Treat yourself with an exquisite blend of carefully-selected tea while soothing your body&soul.

Discover the true value of teatime afternoons and enjoy the life-changing benefits.

Lift the lead to reveal the sensational aroma of our organic, hand-picked&packed white tea with extraordinary medicinal properties.

  • Rich in antioxidants
  • Reduces risk of heart disease
  • Promotes weight loss
  • Protects your teeth from bacteria
  • Lowers the risk of insulin resistance
  • Prevents osteoporosis
  • Combats skin aging

Subtle golden lining inside of a luxurious indigo-blue box full of life-changing surprises.

An elegant design of two tea canisters, accompanied by two tea boxes of your choice, ready for a 40-50 servings tea experience.

Embrace the fresh baked goods from our bakery to sweeten up your day.

  • Vegan & Gluten-free brownies or
  • Tea-infused shortbread

Make the most out of your physical and mental health. Enjoy a sip of our rejuvenating white tea and change the way your body feels in an instant.

Give yourself and your loved ones what you deserve – infinite health and abundance.

Gift Ideas:

An excellent choice for your loving parents, an anniversary gift for a couple, a spring break surprise for your hiking buddy, a unique gift for your partner, or a farewell gift for a dear friend. Our white tea gift set is a perfect gift for any occasion, at any time of the year.


Our shortbread and brownies are fresh and do not contain preservatives. Consume them up to four days after the delivery or freeze them up to three months and warm them up for five minutes in the oven.

Hummingbird Tearoom & Bakery – a Flavorful Magic for Your Senses!

Our products are:

  • Environmental-friendly
  • Patrons of local farmers and businesses.
  • An organic, natural, and wholesome-driven business.
  • Proud supporters of women in the business world.
  • A business that sources our teas in a fair-trade manner.
  • Proud supporters of Fistula Foundation, For Kid’s Sake, and Soup for Hope.
Weight 1.36078 kg
Dimensions 30.48 × 22.86 × 15.24 cm


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