Organic Darjeeling


Hydrate your body right with our medium-caffeine Organic Darjeeling tea.

Enjoy our unique premium tea for neverending tea time rituals.

Embrace the invigorating splash of our spectacular herbal journey.

What you get:

  • 4 oz of Organic Darjeeling tea
  • Packed with antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals
  • Muscatel, Spicy, Fruity, Citrus flavor
  • Multiple brewings
  • Steeping time: 1-2 minutes
  • Origin: India
  • Caffeine: medium
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Paint With Teas

Darjeeling is the only tea in the world growing at extreme altitude in the Darjeeling area in West Bengal, India.

Tea connoisseurs appreciate the hints of raisins and spices that fill each cup of the cleanest muscatel tea you’ll ever taste.

Also referred to as the “Champaign among Teas”, our Organic Darjeeling offers a clean muscatel-like fruitiness that will knock you off your feet.

Embrace the unique flavor of our highly-valued tea while enjoying a sensational teatime afternoon.

Hand-picked&packed subtle leaves for prolonged moments with your loved ones.

An extraordinary spicy-resin hint for true tea enthusiasts and wellness seekers.

Excellent choice for adequate hydration, stress relief, and weight loss.

Gift Ideas:

Treat your parents with our longevity elixir on their marriage anniversary.

Improve your partner’s immune system by treating them with a comforting cup of tea before bedtime.

Surprise your yoga gang with this highly beneficial herbal tea.

Organize a tea party for your Bday and introduce our tea to all of your friends.

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Our Products Are:

  • Environmental-friendly
  • Patrons of local farmers and businesses.
  • An organic, natural, and wholesome-driven business.
  • Proud supporters of women in the business world.
  • A business that sources our teas in a fair-trade manner.
  • Proud supporters of Fistula Foundation, For Kid’s Sake, and Soup for Hope.
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Dimensions 22.86 × 17.78 × 2.54 cm

2 oz, 4 oz


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