Tea for Regulating the Menstrual Cycle – Marigold Tea

Introducing our soothing and rejuvenating Marigold Tea, specially crafted to support and regulate the menstrual cycle.

Harnessing the natural power of marigold flowers, this exquisite herbal blend offers a comforting and effective solution for women seeking balance and harmony during their menstrual journey.


  • Organic Marigold Fowers

Reclaim your monthly rhythm and embrace your feminine vitality with the grace and support of Marigold Tea.

Elevate your self-care routine and discover the power of nature in harmonizing your menstrual cycle. Order your supply of Marigold Tea today and embark on a journey of balanced well-being.

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Our Marigold Tea is made from 100% pure marigold flowers, carefully selected and blended to ensure the highest quality and potency. Each sip embodies the natural essence of marigold’s therapeutic benefits.


  1. Regulate Menstrual Cycle: Marigold Tea is expertly formulated to help regulate the menstrual cycle by promoting hormonal balance. The delicate blend of marigold flowers works in synergy to support a smoother and more predictable cycle.
  2. Relieve Menstrual Discomfort: Experience relief from common menstrual discomforts such as cramps, bloating, and mood swings. Marigold’s natural anti-inflammatory properties gently ease tension, allowing you to navigate your monthly cycle with greater comfort.
  3. Nourish and Uplift: Rich in antioxidants and essential nutrients, our Marigold Tea nurtures your body from within. Sip on the warm embrace of marigold-infused goodness to uplift your spirits and enhance your overall well-being.
  4. Emotional Balance: Embrace the calming effects of Marigold Tea as it aids in stabilizing mood fluctuations often associated with hormonal changes. Let the gentle aroma and soothing warmth create a serene atmosphere that supports emotional equilibrium.
  5. Caffeine-Free Relaxation: Enjoy the tranquility of Marigold Tea without the presence of caffeine. Unwind with a cup in the evenings or whenever you seek a moment of peaceful respite.

How to Enjoy:

Steep one tea bag of Marigold Tea in a cup of freshly boiled water for 5-7 minutes. Feel free to add a touch of honey or lemon for an extra hint of flavor. Savor the gentle aroma and sip your way to balance and well-being.

Our Products Are:

  • Environmental-friendly
  • Patrons of local farmers and businesses.
  • An organic, natural, and wholesome-driven business.
  • Proud supporters of women in the business world.
  • A business that sources our teas in a fair-trade manner.
  • Proud supporters of Fistula Foundation, For Kid’s Sake, and Soup for Hope.


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