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Numerous infusions offer an array of nutrients that can significantly enhance our body’s ability to execute essential processes, thereby fortifying our daily training endeavors with heightened assurance.

Infusions, characterized by their simplicity, necessitate only hot water and the chosen tea. Through the release of herbal properties, a mere few minutes yield a ready-to-consume elixir.

Nonetheless, the apparent simplicity of infusions must not obscure their potential to provide a diverse range of advantageous substances, particularly beneficial to runners.

Green Tea

Distinguished primarily by its potent antioxidant effects, green tea emerges as a supreme infusion choice, particularly relevant to runners due to its recovery-promoting properties. Scientific research involving individuals engaged in physical activity has unequivocally demonstrated that consistent consumption of green tea by runners offers heightened defense against oxidative stress—a condition arising from an imbalance between free radicals and antioxidants.

Empirical evidence underscores the especially efficacious regenerative impact of green tea following intense or prolonged exercise sessions, periods during which heightened oxidation transpires. Another merit of green tea is its thermogenic influence, denoting its ability to induce bodily warmth, subsequently stimulating fat breakdown through thermogenesis.


Originating from South Africa, Rooibos tea, increasingly prevalent on store shelves, presents a caffeine-free alternative, making it suitable for those averse to stimulating substances and amenable to nighttime consumption. Beyond its antioxidant prowess, Rooibos tea is a remarkable mineral source, providing magnesium, sodium, potassium, fluorine, and zinc in a single cup. Furthermore, it offers substantial doses of vitamin C and iron, addressing potential deficiencies in the latter.

Additionally, Rooibos tea possesses antispasmodic properties, effectively preventing cramps, and potentially alleviating the frequently encountered issue of competition-related diarrhea.


Reputed for its digestive-calming attributes, chamomile tea can be a boon for individuals with sensitive stomachs who might react unfavorably to sports nutrition products such as energy gels or isotonic beverages. This infusion also delivers noteworthy mineral content, including vital potassium, sodium, and calcium, particularly valuable to runners.

In terms of vitamins, chamomile tea furnishes B vitamins and antioxidant compounds like beta-carotene in each cup.

Oolong Tea

Representing a nutrient-rich assortment, Oolong tea is especially suitable for newcomers to mountain running with weight loss objectives. Notably, this herbal infusion facilitates bodily purification, especially in terms of liver detoxification—a feature appreciated by endurance athletes like runners.


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